Friday, March 6, 2009

A truck and new hair!

My dad and brother came by after work today to drop off my dad's truck and have some dinner. My dad has an awesome truck that I'm absolutely in love with. It's an '87 Chevy short bed, step side pick up truck. It's canary yellow. It has Flowmaster exhaust. It's loud. It's awesome!! (I'll take a pic tomorrow!!)

My dad's leaving his truck with me for an indefinite length of time. My parents are going to Vegas for a week starting Saturday for a bowling tournament that my dad's in. Lucky bastards are getting to use my uncle's time share and only have to pay $140 for the whole week!! Anyway, they brought me my dad's truck so that my brother can park in the garage and won't have to worry about moving the truck. (My dad's truck and my brother's car live outside - my mom's Tahoe lives in the garage, but they're driving that to Vegas.) So, in the mean time, I get to drive the truck at my will. Trust me. I'll be taking that baby everywhere I can for as long as I have it!!

At dinner, my dad gave me permission to drive it to Oregon in June when I visit my friend Riki. She's having a baby and asked that I come stay with her after the baby's born. Her parents are going to be there for the first week, then I'll be there for about 10 days. I won't get there very fast, but I'll have a nice, long roadtrip in my favorite vehicle. And we'll save $350 on airfare since I'm no longer flying....then again, I'll spend $150 in gas to get it up there and back, but still..wayyy cheaper!!

I just hope it's not too hot because that truck doesn't have A/C. LOL. And now I really need to get the big iPod for my birthday for the long trip.

Oh...and I dyed my hair finally....after 4 months I no longer have roots! I went dark. Very dark. I'll take pics tomorrow. I can't call myself a redhead anymore. LOL. After 2 years, it's kinda weird, but I'll get used to it. LOL

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