Friday, January 28, 2011

Cheaters never win

I am so frustrated with the people I work with. Our boss has us keep a log to track our performances and there are things on this log that people are cheating on or being unethical in order to have high numbers. I refuse to compromise my integrity to be at the top of the list.

I have always prided myself on being an upstanding and honest employee. I am so angry to see, on a daily basis, people lie and cheat just to make other managers (like myself) look bad. 

Of course our bosses have no idea, nor do they even care. All they see are the numbers. Well, frankly I'd rather have poorer sales numbers and an awesome occupancy rate and prove myself that way.

The occupancy rate at this store was always around 88% during the slow season. Since the first day I got here, I have been reeling people in and have held a 92% occupancy rate. That's not common for this property.

I wish that there was some sort of regulation on the information managers are giving every month to verify that their info is true. Unfortunately that's not the case so these people will continue to get away with cheating. It pisses me off that there's nothing I can do. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adventures are a-comin!

So this is the year of adventures! I'm creating my own fun.

Adventure number 1 is in the works: A roadtrip to L.A. to see Brandy next month. I'll be going down on a Friday and come home Sunday. I'm so excited!! I've never gone so far by myself. I've only driven 2 hours alone. This will be fun. I already ordered a car charger for my iphone. LOL. My dad has offered me the use of his car for the trip because it'll go faster and use less gas than the truck. LOL.

I wish I'd have time to see my other friends like Tiffany, the Dans, and meet Tammie (one of my fake internet friends). But I think they'll have to wait for another trip. I haven't seen Brandy in about 2 years I think. And she was only 25 or 30 miles from me the whole time we've known each other! LOL.

I'm also starting to plan my next adventure...Vegas in June. I haven't seen Joyce in I don't even remember how many years. I may rent a car for that one, but I'll save up my PTO and I should get another bonus paid out in April. I make my last car payment to my dad in May, and will have all my money to myself starting in June.

I'm so excited for this year. You have no idea! I'm sure I'll have plenty of mini adventures, and the big ones will be few and far between, but there will be adventures! =o)

I've decided that I need to fly on a plane this year. I just don't know where the funds will come from or where I'll go yet, but I'm going to fly on a plane!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Green is Good

So I was recently introduced to and I am in love with it. I love this idea of free "swapping" items you don't need or want anymore. People post things such as beds and couches, tables, yarn, tv's, vases, picture frames. It's a wonderful thing.

I think with my simplified lifestyle I'm much more into recylcing and reusing items.

So far I've gotten contacts (enough for a 3 months supply!), and I just picked up some yarn today. I've also given away a tv and vcr.

I do have to admit it's strange to exchange a single email with someone and have them give you their address to pick up items they placed on their front porch for you. LOL. It's a little frightening and a complete adrenaline rush. LOL The yarn I got today was on someone's porch, behind a 6' fence! It was weird going onto someone's property that way. LOL.

Anyway, I plan on using this to pick up more giveaways and to do giveaways of my own. It's kind of addictive. ;o)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moving on

It's been 2 weeks since Grandma passed away. Most of the time I'm fine. I honestly try not to think about her too much because it does get to me that she's not around. Yesterday a customer came by with her 80+ year old mother and I got a little weepy.

Mom and Dad came by today. Mom said she's not sure what's going on with Grandma's ashes. I guess my aunt Kathleen keeps changing her mind or changing the date of when they will bury my grandmother's ashes with my great-grandmother. So I guess we're just waiting around on her. It's not something I'm looking forward to, but it'll help bring closure, I think.

In other news, I'm totally settled in at home. Today I moved my livingroom tv to my bedroom because Mom & Dad brought me my brother's old tv for me to have in the livingroom. It's a 32" CRT type tv. He bought a flat screen last month and donated this one to me. The one in my room is a 27" CRT. I've now got an extra 13" CRT that I need to get rid of. I think I'll list it on Maybe someone will want it for their dorm or for their little kid's room.

Work is going well. There's talk of more promotions (yes, multiple) happening this year. I'm looking forward to that. I have a reputation that precedes me and it's definitely working to my benefit. LOL.

Anyway...that's all that' new with me recently...Oh no, wait..I forgot...I bought an iPhone last week. LOL. It's an amazing piece of technology. I don't know why I waited so long to get it. LOL. Oh wait...I know...because it was expensive and my contract wasn't up yet. I was finally elligible for an upgrade last month and the iPhone was down to $99, so I caved. Of course this week they're now $49. Bastards. lol. Oh well. This phone is a total time suck, though. LOL. I would spend all my time on my phone if I could. For this reason, I make myself earn time on my phone. I have to clean so much and do so many tasks at work before I can allow myself a few minutes to play with my phone. LOL. I actually think I'm more productive around the house and at work now. haha!

Anyway...gonna finish my movie (The Outsiders) and then watch The Imaginarium of Dr Pernassus or whatever it's called. I've got it on my Netflix stream and heard it got some good reviews.

Monday, January 3, 2011

We are family

Facebook is an awesome creation.

Because of Facebook, this week I friended over 30 family members that I haven't seen in close to 20 years, and even some that I've never met before in my life.

My grandfather Richard Becerra was one of 7 children.


Each of these children grew up and had children of their own. My mother and her sisters have 30+ first cousins.

I've always complained that my mom kept us from our Stockton family and because of Facebook, I can connect with my family and be with them now. I am so grateful.

There's a party on Saturday for my uncle Richie (my grandfather's only son) as he's here on an extended visit from Germany. I would love to go, but it's a 2+ hour drive from my house and I work until 5pm. But thanks to my Tia Sally, I know that I'll be invited to everything from now on and will have many more chances to be with family.

I feel like I'm a part of a real family now, not just some segregated section. I know my mom won't participate at all, but I don't need to wait for her. Now that I feel I have my own connections to my own family, I can see then when I want. I've always been afraid of my mother, thinking that if she's not speaking to family members, then neither should I. Screw that noise. The next Becerra Family Cruise that happens, I'm so on that damn boat! This is my damn family, too.