Saturday, May 30, 2009

Video of the Week

Literal version of Total Eclipse of the Heart. It's freakin hilarious!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Did you know that the military is still discharging soldiers for being openly gay?

One of these soldiers is California's own Lt. Dan Choi, who is also an Arabic linguist. In March, Lt. Choi went on Rachel Maddow's show and spoke honestly about his sexual orientation. As a result, the Army sent him a letter of discharge on April 23. Lt. Choi is now fighting the discharge and fighting the discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

I just signed a Courage Campaign petition to President Obama -- signed by more than 100,000 people -- urging him to do the right thing by stopping the discharge of Lt. Dan Choi and other LGBT soldiers, and asking President Obama to uphold his promise to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." The Courage Campaign will deliver this petition to the president -- that's why it is important that as many people as possible speak out right now.

Will you join me in signing and urge your friends to do the same?:


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cycle 10

So I made the executive decision to skip May's cycle so I could have a break from the stress. Unfortunately because of my scheduled trip to see my friend Riki in Oregon (who gave birth to my niece last night!!!), I'm missing the June cycle by about 2 days. Ultimately I think this break is a good thing, but I feel so down in the dumps about it.

My friend Ashley gave birth to her 3rd baby (but first daughter) 5 months ago. Riki had her daughter last night. A triplet mommy who's blog I read is going to give birth to her surprise baby #4 this Friday, I believe. And another triplet mommy who also has an older child just found out she's preggo with her surprise baby #5. While I'm so incredibly happy for all of these women, I can't help but be incredibly jealous at the same time.

When I come back from Oregon and we try in July, that'll be our first anniversary of trying to conceive. I really hope that I do get pregnant by the end of the year. Past that, I know that I'll have to start seeing doctors and such to make sure nothing's wrong, but I'm incredibly frightened that something is wrong. Then again, I really think that I may have had a miscarriage last month - there was tissue I discharged that just didn't look normal. So that may be a positive sign. Who knows.

All I know is that patience is not a virtue I have.

Edited to add: I just remembered...2 old high school friends that I've reconnected with through Facebook are currently pregnant. Ugh! Again, happy for them, but why can't it be me?!?! :::shakes fist in the air:::

2 Steps back

The CA State Supreme Court ruled today to uphold the ban on Gay Marriage as approved by 52% of voters last November.

They said that a simple majority has the right to decide the civil rights of other human beings.

Frankly, what the Supreme Court did was cowardly. A year ago they gave us the right to marry and now they're afraid of pissing off 52% of the state. It's complete bullshit.

This is a huge disappointment. I cannot believe the idiocy of this decision.

For once, I'm actually out of words. I cannot express my anger, disappointment and hurt.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8

I know not everyone likes Jon & Kate Plus 8, but seeing them in the tabloids now, their marriage in's kind of sad.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A small update

So I guess I haven't done a real update in a little while, so here we go...

I've gotten a few more hours at work, but not much. This week I was only scheduled for 5 hours - and that was this morning. I really do love my job, I just wish there were more hours. LOL. But that's the economy for you. For as much of a loner as I am, I really do like this "salesperson" job. It's not hardcore sales, but more customer service based. (I work for Bath & Body Works if I didn't already mention that somewhere along the way. LOL) Hopefully I'll have more hours next week as we're gearing up for our Semi-Annual sale in June.

In 10 days, I'm turning 30. I'm nervous. I don't want to say I'm 30. I don't like that number at all. I really wish I was going to be able to ring in my birthday in a big way, but we just don't have the money. It's my own fault, though. I should have looked for a job as soon as I moved. In any case, I will be getting together with my friends the night of my birthday to have drinks and play some pool.

On June 7th I'll be heading out of town to stay with my friend Riki in Medford, OR for 2 weeks. She's going to be having a baby very shortly (she already lost her mucus plug, so it could be any day now, but her official due date is this coming Tuesday) and I'll be headed up there to spend time with her and help her around the house and farm (she lives on her mom and step-dad's mini farm - there's goats and chickens).

Then, on the 21st of June, Jenn will be meeting me in Medford and we'll take off to Coos Bay, OR (out on the coast) to spend a week with her family. It's their annual family reunion week. Several houses will be rented, there'll be family meals, (maybe) some salmon fishing (for Jenn's grandpa and uncles, I will not be participating in that, but I will be eating their catch!), crabs to eat, wine to drink with the aunts, and lounging on the beach getting tans. I can't wait!

Other than that, there's not much going on. I spend my days at home, on the internets, watching my talk shows (Oprah, Martha, Ellen), and Cash Cab. LOL. Maybe one day I'll have more interesting information to pass on, but for now, that's all I've got. ;o)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Marriage Equality Speech

as brought to you by a 3rd grader:

This kid is awesome and has amazing parents.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smoking Pollutants

I understand that there are people in the world who are adamantly against smoking. That's your right. Smoking is a disgusting habit and there are studies that have been shown to cause cancer. I'm not debating that at all.

What I am debating is these anti-smokers who seem to think that we smokers are the only people polluting the air they breathe as they're walking down the street. Unless this smoker is blowing smoke directly into your face, don't give him nasty looks because you're also getting pollutants from the cars, trucks, and buses that are driving next to you. The pollutants are also coming from people burning logs in their fireplace or backyard. There are pollutants being put in the air by businesses and manufacturing plants.

Please understand that I fully acknowledge my own part, as a smoker, in polluting the air and, by proxy, your lungs. But please also understand that smokers aren't entirely responsible for your dirty lungs.

Please think about this before you give me a nasty look for hiding in a corner, away from other people, and doing my best not to inflict my bad habit on other unsuspecting people while smoking.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buying a dead lady's stuff.

So last weekend, we spent Saturday night at our friends' house so we could go to the flea market and garage sale-ing Sunday morning. We stayed up kinda late on Saturday night as we tend to do (it's our game night when we're over), so we got kind of a late start on Sunday. After breakfast, we headed out of the house a little after 11am.

The flea market was a bust. It wasn't even open! There was no one at the drive-in where it's held. That sucked. Oh well. Instead, we looked at our list of garage sales and headed out to Martinez. As we drove around, we saw signs for other garage sales, but didn't get out of the car until we found an estate sale. We were weary of going inside someone's house to buy their stuff, but other people arrived at the same time, so we gave it a go.

I have to say that it is sooooo creepy walking around a dead lady's house looking for stuff to buy. That being said, Shauna and I did find a few things to get. She got a couple of 50's or 60's style tables that she's going to use as bedside tables for $5 each. They were so cute! I'm pissed I didn't find them first. LOL. I snatched up 3 little bowls that are good for prep use for $.40. LOL. I almost got these orange cast iron skillet and pot because they were too cute, but I changed my mind at the last minute (I was on a VERY strict budget). I decided to hold out for something better.

2 blocks away, we found another garage sale where Jenn and I hit the jackpot on a bistro set for our patio. The table is a mosaic style and the base and chairs are wrought iron. $35 for the set. NICE! They're in excellent condition. We have been looking for some kind of patio set for a long time but never found anything less than $150 for a set, so this was an awesome deal. It looks great out on our patio, too.

We visited a few other garage sales (well, drove by like 5 or 6 others) plus a rummage sale at a church in Walnut Creek (where they had a baby scale for sale!! lol), and a vintage/rummage sale type business in Pittsburg (where I found another of those orange skillets, but they had it for $ was $5 at the dead lady's house) but didn't find anything else. By this time it was barely 3pm!!

After that, it was all downhill from there. The weather was extremely muggy and I was somewhat uncomfortable, but once we got back to Shauna & Cole's house to drop off our finds and head back out to get them a freezer, I became way over heated and slightly dizzy. I toughed it out through Sears and our first Home Depot visit, but for the second Home Depot visit, I had to stay in the car. Thankfully, that was our last stop, so after dropping Shauna & Cole & their freezer off at their place, Jenn and I headed home.

I felt pretty crappy the rest of the night, so I just laid out on the couch, ate a bunch of goldfish crackers, then slept off the yuckiness from the day. Whatever it was didn't stick with me cuz I've been fine since.

So, to sum's weird to buy some dead lady's stuff right out of her house.

A new video...F*ck You!

I got this from the Queers United Blog.

"F*ck You" to Haters of Our LGBT Brothers and Sisters"

A new funny video "f#ck you" by Lily Allen has been altered to more accurately reflect what many in the queer community feel towards our opposition. Sometimes, we just need to laugh and express our frustration through art, so here ya go!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm gonna have to go a video of the day instead of Video of the Week. LOL.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Miss California controversy & LGBT rights over at Oh No! You Did Not Just Say That, they asked our feelings on the Miss California Controversy. I just wanted to post my response here as well.

The original blog post is here along with their responses.

Recently Miss California was asked during the Miss USA pageant how she felt about Gay Marriage. Her answer was that she was not in support of Gay Marriage, she believes in traditional marriage.


Stacey said...

OK...this will be much easier not being limited to 140 characters. LOL. It's gonna be long, so get comfy. LOL

While I believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion and belief system, I also believe that people should be educated on both sides of what they believe.

I think that people who use the Bible as the be-all and end-all of their belief system are ignorant in the ways of the world. They hide behind this book (that was written by males, monks, 200 years after Christ's death) so they don't have to educate themselves on anything. This creates bigotry and bias regarding evolution, the gay community, racism, and even religious bigotry.

That being said, these people, and churches, have NO right in deciding what's law. There is supposed to be separation of church and state for a reason. This country was founded by people fleeing from religious persecution, so the separation of church and state was implemented, but the LGBT community and its supporters are being persecuted right now by people throwing bible quotes at us. I agree that they have a right to keep me out of their church and their personal lives, but they have no right invading my court houses and dictating to me from that arena.

Now. As far as the Perez Hilton/Miss California issue - Perez Hilton asked a loaded question that doesn't belong in a beauty contest. Honestly, no one cares what these bimbos think or say, they're just there to look pretty, but to ask such a loaded, volatile question was unfair. She voiced her opinion, however narrow minded and bigoted it may be, and she had every right to answer the way she did. Perez was looking for controversy and he got it.

As far as someone saying that while they support equality, this isn't their fight to fight, I have to say you're wrong! The fight for equal rights, whatever they may be, is everyone's fight. What if your child grows up to be gay? How are you going to tell them that you didn't stand up for something that could have benefited them? What if your sister or brother came out of the closet suddenly, is it still not your fight?

For the LGBT community to gain total and complete equal rights, 11 year olds will stop hanging themselves because they were bullied in school. LGBT rights and acceptance will be a part of everyday life and we will be accepted as part of every community.

People need to be educated. We are not pedophiles. We're not deviants. We're not sociopaths. We don't have a mental illness that caused our gayness. We didn't choose this. Did you choose to be straight?

Love is love. Bottom line. God made us all the way He thought we should be - gay, straight, black, white, short, tall, fat, skinny.

While not every person in the world, or even this country, will accept and love someone for being gay, there will be a tolerance. Look at how far the Black community has come in their fight for equality. Yes, there are still racists out there, but for the majority, Blacks (sorry, I'm not very PC, but unless we call white people European-Americans, I'm not calling them African-Americans) are accepted and loved as equals.

For now, it is what it is, and the fight will continue. But it's up to all of us to make it happen.
May 5, 2009 3:09 PM

25 More Random Things About Me...Part Deux

25 random things about me

25 more random things about me

I was supposed to have a list of 100, total, all in one post, but that never happened. In the first two posts, I listed a total of 65 random things....maybe I can finally get to 100. LOL.

1. I mentioned that I often stay up until 2 or 3am...this is because I just can't get to sleep. If I go to bed earlier than 2, I usually just lay there and my mind wanders.
2. I have a very active imagination and I let it run away with me sometimes. I take trips, have babies, imagine where my life would be had I taken a different fork in the road.
3. I love being barefoot. Yes, I own around 50 pairs of shoes, but as soon as I enter my house, I am barefoot until I have to leave.
4. I don't even like socks unless my feet are cold.
5. I have smoked on and off since I was 14.
6. I am worried for my reproductive health, but hate doctors so much I don't want to go.
7. My mother had benign cysts in her breasts, on her ovary, and polyps in her colon. Oddly, I'm less worried about those things happening to me than not having babies.
8. I am secretly pissed off at my dad for being a horrible father to his first child. My older half-sister that I didn't know I had until I was 11.
9. I have a need to find her, but don't know how to find someone that doesn't want to be found.
10. I've had dreams that have me believe that I may have been molested when I was a kid.
11. This may correlate the fact that I don't remember much prior to the age of 10.
12. I always sleep on my stomach. I can't sleep if I'm on my back or side. This will suck when I get pregnant. LOL.
13. Even though I look completely white, I identify with being Mexican because I don't know my dad's family (he's white, mom's Mexican).
14. I am a terrible nail painter. LOL. I usually only leave my polish on for a week at most because it's so bad. LOL.
15. I honestly feel bad that I can't donate money to Revolution1228 because we don't have the extra money. It's a really awesome project and I wish I could be a part of it's development.
16. I want to be a plus-sized clothing designer. Unfortunately I don't know how to design clothes. LOL.
17. I also want to be a model - this also makes me upset that I can't donate to the above - donations over a certain amount grant you the opportunity to model with the company and Mia Tyler.
18. I have a serious crush on Mia Tyler. Actually, I don't know which I want more - to sleep with her or to be her. LOL. She's gorgeous.
19. It's now May 5th and I haven't flipped my calender page. Told you I was a procrastinator. LOL.
20. I really miss shrimp. Since my allergic reaction to them a year ago (May 8th, actually), I haven't eaten any.
21. I secretly want to learn to shoot a gun, but am terrified of guns. lol.
22. I've never been in a fist fight. I almost did a couple times, but they were stopped by other people.
23. I want to go to church. I'll have to go alone and that terrifies me. There's a Presbyterian church nearby that is accepting of the LGBT community and I want to go.
24. I'm tired of my hot flashes. They're annoying. I joke about going through "the change", but what if it's true?
25. There's a shirt I wear when it's cold out. It's super comfy. It's way cute. It's a pajama top. LOL.
26. I visited Washington DC once. It was through school. On a "free day" I went to the Holocaust Museum alone. I bawled my eyes out.
27. I really like salad, but it has to have a lot of "stuff" in it - almonds, croutons, mushrooms, other veggies, and not too much dressing. I don't like plain lettuce and tomato salads. boring!
28. It's a rare occasion that I like a rap song. Generally I don't like rap because it's very angry least that's how it sounds to me.
29. Some of my favorite childhood memories are while at the YMCA Summer Day Camp. I want to be a camp counselor for them one day.
30. I want to own a cabin in Lake Tahoe and live there.
31. I also want to live in Las Vegas for at least a year.
32. Some of my most vivid memories are triggered by smells or songs.
33. I secretly hope that my former boss's girlfriend finds out about all of his affairs and leaves him.
34. I hate depression. I really and truly miss being depression free and truly happy.
35. A quarter of the books on my bookshelf have never been read. I'm obsessed with buying books, but am easily distracted. LOL.

OK...I got 100 total now. LOL. Man, that was harder than I imagined. LOL

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Video of the Week

It's a few days early, but I couldn't resist...

Fat Ass!!

Ok, so I just need to vent for a minute.

I'm watching yesterday's Oprah. Her featured guest is Kirstie Alley. The topic: Kirstie's weight gain after she lost 75 pounds on Jenny Craig.

Why am I upset? Because this is just further telling women of the world that we are worthless if we aren't a size 2! This is absolutely disgusting. We've watched Oprah's weight go to extremes in both directions over the 20 years she's been on television. We understand that women struggle with weight issues, but why is that?


This isn't true!! Women were once praised for having curves - it was a sign of health and wealth. Now women who are so skinny that you can see their ribs and their collar bones, hip bones, and shoulder bones stick out are the ones that we are supposed to aspire to be.

It's complete bullshit!!

Everyone's body is different. Not everyone can actually be a size 2. Or even a size 4. Hell, not even a size 10! Not every body wants to be that weight!

I've struggled with my weight nearly my whole life. Since I was 10, I've been called every fat name in the book because I wasn't "normal" or "attractive" to other people. It wasn't until I was far into my 20's that I realized that if someone doesn't like me for what I look like, then they can go somewhere else!

My body likes to hover around 250 pounds. Now I realize that I am out of shape. I can't run a 5k. Hell, I can't run 50 feet. But why do I need to run 50 feet unless it's from some axe murderer? I've had bloodwork done. My cholesterol is just fine! My triglycerides are just fine! The ONLY issue is that my blood pressure is slightly elevated, but you know why? Because I smoke. Yes I plan on quitting, but that'll be on my own time.

My body is just comfortable at this weight.

I once weight 195 pounds. That was when I was 18 and I spent the summer before my senior year at fat camp. I worked out 6+ hours a day and ate 1100 calories a day. THAT'S NOT REALISTIC!! I have to fight so hard to be skinny to appeal to the world, but you know what? I DON'T CARE WHAT THE WORLD SAYS!! AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!!

If you feel the need FOR YOURSELF to be thin because it's what makes YOU feel better, then do it. But do it for yourself and yourself only! Do not do it for someone else!

Often I do wish that I weighed less, but only by 10 or 15 pounds (cuz that's what I've gained since I stopped working and my pants are a little snug). Occasionally I wish that I was a size 10, but that's ONLY because finding cute clothes in larger sizes can be difficult (but that's going to be less of an issue once Revolution1228 is launched!!).

But, honestly, 95% of the time I am perfectly happy with the way I look and often think I'm hot.

Now, all that being said, if you're at an unhealthy weight - where you can't walk or drive a car or your cholesterol is through the roof - then obviously you need to lose a few pounds for your health. But if you're overweight AND otherwise completely healthy, then take a good look at yourself and tell your reflection that you are beautiful and you don't need to change!

I'm so sick of seeing so many women put themselves down because they're not thin enough for some guy, or not thin enough to be an entertainer, or not thin enough for any reason influenced by the outside world.

The number 1 opinion about yourself that you should value is your own.