Tuesday, May 5, 2009

25 More Random Things About Me...Part Deux

25 random things about me

25 more random things about me

I was supposed to have a list of 100, total, all in one post, but that never happened. In the first two posts, I listed a total of 65 random things....maybe I can finally get to 100. LOL.

1. I mentioned that I often stay up until 2 or 3am...this is because I just can't get to sleep. If I go to bed earlier than 2, I usually just lay there and my mind wanders.
2. I have a very active imagination and I let it run away with me sometimes. I take trips, have babies, imagine where my life would be had I taken a different fork in the road.
3. I love being barefoot. Yes, I own around 50 pairs of shoes, but as soon as I enter my house, I am barefoot until I have to leave.
4. I don't even like socks unless my feet are cold.
5. I have smoked on and off since I was 14.
6. I am worried for my reproductive health, but hate doctors so much I don't want to go.
7. My mother had benign cysts in her breasts, on her ovary, and polyps in her colon. Oddly, I'm less worried about those things happening to me than not having babies.
8. I am secretly pissed off at my dad for being a horrible father to his first child. My older half-sister that I didn't know I had until I was 11.
9. I have a need to find her, but don't know how to find someone that doesn't want to be found.
10. I've had dreams that have me believe that I may have been molested when I was a kid.
11. This may correlate the fact that I don't remember much prior to the age of 10.
12. I always sleep on my stomach. I can't sleep if I'm on my back or side. This will suck when I get pregnant. LOL.
13. Even though I look completely white, I identify with being Mexican because I don't know my dad's family (he's white, mom's Mexican).
14. I am a terrible nail painter. LOL. I usually only leave my polish on for a week at most because it's so bad. LOL.
15. I honestly feel bad that I can't donate money to Revolution1228 because we don't have the extra money. It's a really awesome project and I wish I could be a part of it's development.
16. I want to be a plus-sized clothing designer. Unfortunately I don't know how to design clothes. LOL.
17. I also want to be a model - this also makes me upset that I can't donate to the above - donations over a certain amount grant you the opportunity to model with the company and Mia Tyler.
18. I have a serious crush on Mia Tyler. Actually, I don't know which I want more - to sleep with her or to be her. LOL. She's gorgeous.
19. It's now May 5th and I haven't flipped my calender page. Told you I was a procrastinator. LOL.
20. I really miss shrimp. Since my allergic reaction to them a year ago (May 8th, actually), I haven't eaten any.
21. I secretly want to learn to shoot a gun, but am terrified of guns. lol.
22. I've never been in a fist fight. I almost did a couple times, but they were stopped by other people.
23. I want to go to church. I'll have to go alone and that terrifies me. There's a Presbyterian church nearby that is accepting of the LGBT community and I want to go.
24. I'm tired of my hot flashes. They're annoying. I joke about going through "the change", but what if it's true?
25. There's a shirt I wear when it's cold out. It's super comfy. It's way cute. It's a pajama top. LOL.
26. I visited Washington DC once. It was through school. On a "free day" I went to the Holocaust Museum alone. I bawled my eyes out.
27. I really like salad, but it has to have a lot of "stuff" in it - almonds, croutons, mushrooms, other veggies, and not too much dressing. I don't like plain lettuce and tomato salads. boring!
28. It's a rare occasion that I like a rap song. Generally I don't like rap because it's very angry music...at least that's how it sounds to me.
29. Some of my favorite childhood memories are while at the YMCA Summer Day Camp. I want to be a camp counselor for them one day.
30. I want to own a cabin in Lake Tahoe and live there.
31. I also want to live in Las Vegas for at least a year.
32. Some of my most vivid memories are triggered by smells or songs.
33. I secretly hope that my former boss's girlfriend finds out about all of his affairs and leaves him.
34. I hate depression. I really and truly miss being depression free and truly happy.
35. A quarter of the books on my bookshelf have never been read. I'm obsessed with buying books, but am easily distracted. LOL.

OK...I got 100 total now. LOL. Man, that was harder than I imagined. LOL

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