Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buying a dead lady's stuff.

So last weekend, we spent Saturday night at our friends' house so we could go to the flea market and garage sale-ing Sunday morning. We stayed up kinda late on Saturday night as we tend to do (it's our game night when we're over), so we got kind of a late start on Sunday. After breakfast, we headed out of the house a little after 11am.

The flea market was a bust. It wasn't even open! There was no one at the drive-in where it's held. That sucked. Oh well. Instead, we looked at our list of garage sales and headed out to Martinez. As we drove around, we saw signs for other garage sales, but didn't get out of the car until we found an estate sale. We were weary of going inside someone's house to buy their stuff, but other people arrived at the same time, so we gave it a go.

I have to say that it is sooooo creepy walking around a dead lady's house looking for stuff to buy. That being said, Shauna and I did find a few things to get. She got a couple of 50's or 60's style tables that she's going to use as bedside tables for $5 each. They were so cute! I'm pissed I didn't find them first. LOL. I snatched up 3 little bowls that are good for prep use for $.40. LOL. I almost got these orange cast iron skillet and pot because they were too cute, but I changed my mind at the last minute (I was on a VERY strict budget). I decided to hold out for something better.

2 blocks away, we found another garage sale where Jenn and I hit the jackpot on a bistro set for our patio. The table is a mosaic style and the base and chairs are wrought iron. $35 for the set. NICE! They're in excellent condition. We have been looking for some kind of patio set for a long time but never found anything less than $150 for a set, so this was an awesome deal. It looks great out on our patio, too.

We visited a few other garage sales (well, drove by like 5 or 6 others) plus a rummage sale at a church in Walnut Creek (where they had a baby scale for sale!! lol), and a vintage/rummage sale type business in Pittsburg (where I found another of those orange skillets, but they had it for $ was $5 at the dead lady's house) but didn't find anything else. By this time it was barely 3pm!!

After that, it was all downhill from there. The weather was extremely muggy and I was somewhat uncomfortable, but once we got back to Shauna & Cole's house to drop off our finds and head back out to get them a freezer, I became way over heated and slightly dizzy. I toughed it out through Sears and our first Home Depot visit, but for the second Home Depot visit, I had to stay in the car. Thankfully, that was our last stop, so after dropping Shauna & Cole & their freezer off at their place, Jenn and I headed home.

I felt pretty crappy the rest of the night, so I just laid out on the couch, ate a bunch of goldfish crackers, then slept off the yuckiness from the day. Whatever it was didn't stick with me cuz I've been fine since.

So, to sum's weird to buy some dead lady's stuff right out of her house.

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