Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

A little something as a "getting to know me" type of thing. ;o)

1. I was a skinny kid. I didn't get fat until I turned 10. It happened almost overnight.
2. I've convinced myself that my first pregnancy is going to result in twins.
3. No matter what size my cup is, I can never seem to finish my coffee.
4. I love Twilight. Seriously. I saw the movie twice and have read the entire series more times than I can count.
5. I love musicals. I love to sing along even though I can't carry a tune. lol
6. I love dancing movies. I think I was a dancer in a previous life, so I have a strong love of dancing movies.
7. I've developed adult allergies. I take Claritin D everyday now and my sinuses are much happier.
8. I'm socially awkward. Mostly it's around new people, but I don't know how to talk to people.
9. I'm kind of a gypsie...I like to move around and explore new places.
10. I want to get a 1/2 sleeve of tattoos on my left arm. The theme would be Nightmare Before Christmas.
11. I love to cook. I do 99% of the cooking in my house.
12. I'm a bad friend. I don't call people or text them very often. I wonder why they don't tell me to fuck off. LOL.
13. I own Schindler's List and Boys Don't Cry, but they are both still in the plastic. I want to own them because they are very good, very powerful movies, but I can't bring myself to watch them again because they are so emotionally powerful.
14. When I was a kid, I took metal bangle bracelets and wore them like a retainer. I wished so badly that I had to get braces and retainers, but I was lucky enough to not require them. People ask me all the time if I used to have braces because my teeth are so straight.
15. I used to be obsessed with butterflies. I still love them, but not as much as I did when I was in high school. That being said, my family still thinks I love them and have given me a few butterfly things for my house (a painting and 3 ceramic butterflies to hang on the wall).
16. My new obsession is really cupcakes. Jenn even got me a pair of cupcake Converse for Christmas.
17. I have an obsession with journals. I rarely write in them, but I like to collect them.
18. I don't know how it started, but I am obsessed with playing Solitaire on my phone. Once I get started, I have to play until I win. This happens at least twice a day. lol
19. I plan on cloth diapering my children and am going to make the diapers myself.
20. In addition to making diapers for my own kids, I'm going to open my own Etsy store and sell some as well, along with cloth wipes, wet bags, and slings.
21. I would like, someday, to adopt an African baby from an orphanage.
22. I love taking roadtrips. I like to drive, so it's kind of relaxing for me to just get in the car and go for hours.
23. I want to be a photographer. One day I'll own a really nice camera and try my hand at it.
24. I rarely wear shirts with sleeves. Tanktops are my best friend. Even when it's cold, I wear tanktops...I just wear a sweatshirt or jacket over the top and I'm good to go.
25. My hormones have been going crazy for a few months..I cry over EVERYTHING! It's kind of annoying, actually. LOL

Holy crap. That took way too long. LOL. It's not as easy as it seems.


Helene said...

Wow, very cool list! I also love the Twilight series!! I can't wait until New Moon comes out!!

Cindy (and Brian) said...

1. Sounds like hormones. Same thing happened to me but at 12!
5. me too!
14. I am so jealous of your straight teeth!