Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cycle 7 Update

I texted M and asked him to come by tonight so that we can do an insem. I didn't get a solid positive on the OPK (it was a medium dark color, not a true positive, but showing that my hormone levels are slightly elevated), but Jenn and I are going to be out of town tomorrow night through Monday evening so I figured we should get a jump on it anyway. I'll have him come by again on Monday night when we're back. Both of those insems are going to kind of bookend my ovulation, so we'll see what happens. Today is day 15 of my cycle, making Monday day 19. Cross your fingers! ;o)


Helene said...

Got my fingers crossed for you!!! I hope this cycle is the one!!!

Emily and Drew said...

This might not be possible for you guys to do but could you try doing the every other night insem since that is what was recommended to my sister when she expressed concern about her getting pregnant. It didn't work for them but they have deeper issues.

I just have to look at my DH and I get pregnant so I have no personal strategy for you.

Stacey said...

Thanks girls! Man, you have no idea how I wish this were easier for me to do, but when you're in a relationship that doesn't stock the right parts, you have to improvise. LOL.