Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun on the farm

So Jenn and I kind of took an impromptu trip to Oregon this weekend. When Jenn got her schedule last week, she saw that she was going to have a 3-day weekend this weekend and suggested we go see Riki.

We'd actually been trying to plan this trip for a month or two, but didn't think it'd work out because Jenn is trying to hire a new assistant by the end of the month and that's conflicting with Jenn trying to take time off. So earlier in the week, Jenn made a reservation with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to get a compact car for the drive up. Come Friday morning, Enterprise tells us that they require a $350 deposit to take the car. Yeah, they didn't disclose that on the website when Jenn made the reservation, so we didn't get the car. Instead, we took the Montero (Jenn's car) and made good timing getting to Central Point (Medford).

Riki moved to her mom's little farm in October and lives alone. I hate that she lives so far and lives alone because she's pregnant (currently 24 weeks). I'm actually coming back here at the end of May so that I'm here when the baby's born and I'll stay a few weeks with her to get settled into a routine and stuff. Plus I get to play with a new baby!! LOL

Anyway...the farm has goats and chickens and feral cats. Oh! There's a koi pond out back, too. It's super cute!! Riki is being very hospitable. She cooked us french toast for breakfast and currently has a corned beef simmering away on the stove. Yummy!!

Jenn and I came bearing gifts as well. We made chocolate chip cookies for Riki and brought a tub of baby clothes that Jenn and I have been buying for months. LOL. So much cute stuff!!

Anyway...that's how we're spending our weekend. Now we're off to Fred Meyer to get more giant coloring books (that's our crafty project for the weekend. LOL).

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