Thursday, February 26, 2009

Police activity...we can't seem to escape it...

So Jenn was just getting ready to go to bed, so she was filling up a cup of water in the kitchen to keep on her nightstand and noticed that a car had been pulled over by Antioch PD. There were 2 cop cars, so I made an excuse to have a smoke and go outside to investigate. LOL. I'm nosey like that.

The driver of the car was on the sidewalk with one of the cops (who was wearing a beanie. Granted, it was a police issued beanie, but still. LOL) while the other cop was in his car checking up on the guy's info, I assume. The cop from the car comes out and talks to the suspect too quietly for me to hear, and then arrests the dude. Then I can hear that they're going to park the guy's car in our parking lot and the dude's friend can pick up the car tomorrow.

Our first thought was "No! Don't park it on our lot! It's private property!" then we were like "Is the cop gonna drive the car into the lot? The suspect is already in cuffs and is being put in the cop car, so he can't do it." Sure enough, Mr. Beanie Cop gets the car keys and drives the suspect's car up the street, turns it around, then pulls it back around and into our lot. LOL. It was kinda funny to see. Jenn wondered if it was legal for the cop to do, I said "Why not? They're allowed to comandeer cars." She laughed at me saying it's something they only do in the movies. LOL. I mean, it seems like it'd be an OK thing to do. LOL.

Hopefully the suspect's friend does come by and pick it up tomorrow. Jenn's going to give it until Saturday morning before she calls to have it towed. We'll see what happens.

Cars get pulled over all the time in front of our place. It seems to be the place to do it, I guess. LOL.

(For those who don't know, Jenn and I used to live/work in one of the worst communities in San Francisco, so we saw a TON of police activity on a daily basis. It was not unheard of to have cops pull people over, stop people on the street, arrest people, and get into near gunfights in front of our home/store. It was an off day not to have something happen on any given day.)

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