Thursday, February 26, 2009

On the job front

So I have decided to go ahead and get a part time job for now. It's going to be rough because I do need to be off for about 6 weeks 2 months from now, but we'll see what happens.

I dropped off applications at Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, and JoAnn Fabrics. Neither of the three are currently hiring unfortunately. Those were my top 3 retail choices for work. I don't want to apply everywhere because I don't want to be stuck at Coldstone or Quizno's - I'm better than those. Jenn agrees. Honestly, I'd rather stay unemployed and not be able to do as much fun stuff than be stuck in a job that's made for teenagers.

But Jenn had a brilliant plan. She suggested I go to the "Ghetto Mall" the next freeway exit down and see who's hiring down there. There's a Torrid and a Hot Topic. Our friend's sister used to work for Hot Topic and absolutely loved it there. The employees always seem to be in a good mood and generally don't seem to hate their jobs (as opposed to most other mall employees). I'd love to work at Torrid - can you imagine how huge my wardrobe will get? LOL You'd better believe that I'll be using my employee discount every time I get paid. haha But I think I'd love working at Torrid because I already shop there and I love the store and (most of) the products. Hot Topic would be fun, but I wouldn't do as much shopping in that store (though, Torrid, I believe, is still owned by Hot Topic, so maybe I could still get a discount. LOL), but it would be fun.

My only concern is that it's in a mall. Teenagers hang out at the mall. I hate teenagers. There's a lesser chance working at Torrid that I'd have to worry about them, but at Hot Topic, I know I'll have to deal with the kids there.

PLUS (and this is a huge bonus) at both stores I wouldn't have to worry about covering my tattoos!! I could get MORE tattoos and not have to worry about it! I could repierce my eyebrow! I could pierce my lip! LOL.

I shouldn't get ahead of myself...I still need to apply. LOL. I'll be doing that tomorrow (we had some issues at home that I needed to deal with so I didn't get to go today) and see where we go.

Wish me luck!

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