Monday, March 9, 2009

Cycle 8

I never really got a true positive on my OPKs, but we're gonna give it a go tomorrow since today was the darkest the tests have been the last 5 or 6 days. I think I need to change kits. We got the Clear Blue monitor from a friend of Miguel's, but the testing pieces are $50 for a 10 day supply. That's just not in our budget right now. I'll have to look at Walmart and Walgreens for a different type of test than what we've been using next month, if it comes to it.

I just want to hurry up and be pregnant. Now that we're actively trying, every time Aunt Flow shows up, it's heartbreaking. Again, I find myself wishing that I were straight and could just have sex everyday, twice a day until I got pregnant. Then I'd know I did absolutely everything possible and couldn't have missed my ovulation. That would take all the clinical-ness out of it. Or even if Miguel lived closer to us (he's a good 30 - 40 minutes away), I'd see him more often to try more. Unfortunately I feel like he's being inconvenienced by having to come here and give us his sample. There are several months where I asked him to come by a third day in a row and he just didn't show up. I did tell him that I am more than willing to drive out to his house, so I hope he takes me up on that if he's not up to driving out here.

So that's where we're at with that.

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