Tuesday, March 24, 2009

stupid computer

so i was without a computer for the last 4 days. i was having serious withdrawl. i'm sure none of you noticed, but i really was gone. LOL.

so, yeah...beer accidently got spilled on the laptop on saturday night and killed the laptop. since then, we've taken the laptop to 2 repair shops who said it wasn't worth fixing. so we grabbed a PC tower that we hadn't used in a couple years to see if we could get that one working. again, we were told it wasn't worth fixing.

so then we pulled my imac up from the basement. that one works...just not with our AT&T dsl modem. lol. i need OS X 10.3 or higher...i only have OS9. poopy.

finally, jenn borrowed her extra computer from the office until we get a new computer in about a month. the cost of one is too much to get out of a single paycheck, so we're going to save half when she gets paid next week, then collect the other half when she gets paid onthe 15th.

we don't do much on the computer except use the internets and itunes, so a big mamma-jamma computer isn't necessary...but we'll find something. probably at costco. lol. the computer i want is a pink one at best buy (i think it's a sony), but it's $1000 and we just don't have that much money. lol. although we could just be a little more patient and wait to get it. i just don't want to keep this computer for too long just in case her boss comes by and wants to know where it is. lol.

but at least i'm on the internets now and i don't have to miss anything more. lol.

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