Saturday, March 7, 2009

Getting old sucks

it sucks big, fat, sweaty donkey balls.

I mean, I've been getting gray hairs for the last 2 years. I don't know exactly how many I have because I've been very good about coloring my hair, but either way...I started getting gray at 28!! And I don't even have kids!

This morning I wake up, laying on my side. I rolled over onto my back and my shoulders make cracking noises. My knee feels funny, so I flex it and it pops. I stretch out and my spine sounds like Rice Krispies.

Then again, all that has been happening for a long time. LOL. Maybe I have a very mild form of Progeria, so my body is aging only twice what it should be instead of 8. LOL.

Ugh. I just hate having such a creaky body. It's weird. Not that I mind being weird, but weird things happen - bones/joints pop when I'm not even trying. Suddenly I can't walk because my knee seizes up or my ankle rolls because all of a sudden it doesn't want to work anymore. pretend that I'm not old, I'm partaking in ABC Family's Harry Potter marathon today. Plus it's got scenes in the movie that aren't on the DVD or weren't part of the official production (they're extended scenes that aren't even on the DVD!!). And I'll be reading more of Twilight at the same time. Perhaps if I can multitask being a kid, I'll reverse the aging process!!

At least, thank God, I don't look my age. On average, people seem to think I'm still just 24 or 25. That's nice. Cuz I'm not looking forward to saying 30. =o( I've only got 84 days left in my 20's, I have to use that time to my advantage. LOL.

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