Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I got a call from my dad around 12:30 asking if I was at his house or near his house. No, I was at home. He told me the house alarm (that they just activated last week) was going off. I offered to go check it out even though Concord PD was already being dispatched. (The parents are in Las Vegas this week for a bowling tournament that my dad's in.)

I threw on some clothes and ran out of the house - thankfully I have my dad's truck! I raced out there and saw that no one was at the house when I pulled up. The front door was locked, no windows were broken, and the garage was closed. I entered the house and disabled the alarm before walking through the house (even checking closets) to make sure it was empty. I called my dad and let him know. He said my brother suggested Chloe (the dog) set off the motion detection alarm since she was the only one in the house. I agreed since there was nowhere in the house that I found that someone could have entered.

After hanging up with my dad, I went back into the house (I called from the back yard because there's no reception inside the house), when the front door opened. Ack! Thankfully it was just Concord PD. They hadn't gotten there yet (even though it took me 20 minutes after my dad's call to get there), so he was there to check things out. After verifying who I was, I let him know that I found things to be just fine and figured the dog was the culprit.

Since I was there, I took Chloe on a short walk, then took a bath in my parents bathroom. LOL. They have a large oval tub that I covet. Since they were out of town, I was going to do it anyway, so I just did it today (though I may go back on Thursday. LOL). It was very nice!

Anyway...that's my day. LOL. Hope yours was less eventful. ;o)

Oh...here's a pic of my dad's truck that I promised. Isn't it awesome??
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Now I have to figure out what's for dinner...I think it's gonna be chicken nuggets and fries...

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~ April ~ said...

Oh my! That is a lot of excitement. And wow, you are one brave woman! That was a very well-deserved bath, if I say so myself. Glad everything turned out okay.