Thursday, March 12, 2009

Slow down, tiger!

I just caught myself having an ADD moment. LOL.

I decided I was going to throw a couple pieces of chicken in the crockpot with BBQ sauce for dinner, so I went into the kitchen and discovered that there wasn't any chicken in the freezer. I knew there was chicken in the deep freezer in the garage, so i wasn't worried. Before heading down there, I checked around to see what I wanted to make as a side. We have frozen corn on the cob, so that was a definite, then I decided to make macaroni salad to have with dinner. I filled up a pot of water, and started putting the dishes from the dishwasher away. Halfway through, I realized I should go get that chicken since it's got to cook a bit longer because it's still frozen (I love that I can throw frozen chicken into the crockpot and it comes out awesome!). I head downstairs while the water is still coming up to a boil, thinking I'll only be a minute. I get into the garage, grab the chicken from the freezer, then decide I want to look for my fabric tote because I feel like being crafty today. So I start moving things around and decide to move all the cardboard boxes onto a pallet that we have so the boxes aren't directly on the concrete. I clear a space for the pallet, then decide I don't really like it there, so I make plans to move it somewhere else. After being downstairs for about 7 or 8 minutes, I realize "Crap! I have a pot boiling on the stove!" and run back upstairs. Everything's fine - the water is finally boiling, so I get the pasta in the water, then find 2 chicken breasts that fit in the crockpot (the bag we get from Costco has the BIGGEST breasts I've ever seen!!), throw some Honey BBQ sauce over the top, set it to low, then finish putting the clean dishes away and reload the washer with dirty dishes. Once the pasta was done, I fixed the dressing, then decided I wanted to put a couple of eggs in the salad, so I throw a couple of those into new water and get them on the stove. Since the kitchen was clean at this point, I sit on the arm of the couch and flip around the TV channels trying to find something. I settled on Homemade with Sandra Lee on the Food Network (geezus, this lady loves her vanilla vodka!) and decided I wanted to write this post. I just now remembered that there are eggs boiling on the stove. LOL. Oops! I just checked them, they're fine. I also noticed that my bag of baby carrots is still on the counter. LOL. (I shredded 2 baby carrots into my dressing for the macaroni salad.)

Geez. I'm just all over the place. After I got back up here and started cooking again, I completely forgot about the garage for about 10 minutes. LOL. I'm such an airhead sometimes. LOL. I can't forget about the damn garage because, at this point, Jenn can't park in it. LOL.

Ok...I'm gonna finish up the eggs and get back to the garage!

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