Monday, March 16, 2009

First day at the new job

So my first day of work has come and gone.

It wasn't too bad. We work in teams of two to change over tables for new products. I was paired with a girl who knows her stuff and we had the task of changing the first table you see when you walk in the store. A little intimidating at first, but we got into the swing of things and finished the table 30 minutes earlier than the time allotted. Not bad for my first day! lol. Once that was done, we moved onto another display to clean it up and fill it. After that, my task was to get all the recyclables together to send back to wherever they go. LOL. The recyclables are any alcohol or oil based products (the perfumes, body sprays, scented oils, hand sanitizers, antibacterial hand soaps, etc.) and they had been piled up under the counter, so I had to pull them out and put them into the return containers (5 gallon buckets with lids, lined with plastic) and write "R" on the front and back of the products. I came home smelling like 15 different fragrances thanks to that job. LOL.

Most of the girls there are way cool. I really kind of felt put off by only one girl, but the rest were pretty cool. I had to remind myself to hold my tongue and not act like a know-it-all with my table partner, though. She was kind of running around like a chicken with her head cutoff sometimes. I just stood by and let her do her thing and I minded my business. lol.

Unfortunately, I don't work again until April 5th. =o( Oh well, it's OK. What I make is just "fun" money, so it's not important that I make massive amounts of money. There is room to grow, so we'll see how that pans out.

Anyway...If you shop at B&BW, there's a huge sale on right now - Buy 3 get 2 free. And the new fragrance is HEAVENLY! It's called Butterfly Flowers (I think. LOL). That's what I helped set up tonight. Go smell it. LOL. You'll like it.

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