Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not good

Yesterday was kind of a rough day for me. First off, it was the 11th anniversary of losing my one and only pregnancy. I haven't gotten sad about that for a few years, but I think it hit me kind of hard because I'm now trying for a baby. So because of that, I was already kind of sad.

And then I found out someone close to me was just diagnosed as HIV+. I've known people in the past, and know someone now who is HIV+, but this is someone I call a friend. Someone I truly care for. I am incredibly sad for him. I know he will lead the healthiest life possible and I almost bet he'll outlive me. I know he'll lead an almost perfect life. But to know that he's positive and to know that it will still take a toll on his bod makes me so mad. Not at him, of course, but at the disease. It's such a horrible, horrible disease that's completely incurable. Sure, there are meds out there that will delay the inevitable, but, ultimately, his end will not be a pleasant one.

I have told him that I loved him and that I'm here if he needs anything. He'll still be "uncle" to my babies and he'll still be the most beautiful drag queen I've ever seen. He's still J.

But I want to punch that disease in the mouth.

So now I'm going to do what I can to help fight the disease. I don't have much money, nor will I once I have babies, but I'll definitely see what I can do to volunteer at events or something. And I'll definitely be walking in next year's AIDS Walk (provided I'm not hugely pregnant).

If you have the means or the time, I urge you to do anything to help fund research to find a cure.

If you wear make up, buy MAC's Viva Glam products - all proceeds go towards the MAC AIDS Fund.

If you don't wear make up, but you have time to give, find local fund raising events and show your support.

I'd always donate money to the MAC AIDS Fund when J did charity drag shows (anywhere between $40 and $100), but now that the disease has hit so close to home, I want to take a more active role in finding a cure. Obviously I'm not a scientist so I can't find the cure, but I sure as hell can be vocal and raise awareness. The Lord knows my mouth is big enough. LOL.

Thank you for letting me vent, for reading this, and, hopefully, helping spread the word and not letting people forget about AIDS. You never know who could be diagnosed next.

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