Friday, September 5, 2008


no, it's not pirate day. i'm frustrated because i can't get well.

I've been sick for 11 days now. it started as a head cold. then it moved to my chest, then it was in both my head and my chest. Now there's a little left in my head and chest, but I have an infection in my left ear and my neck is sore from sleeping funny!!

I emailed my boss at 8:30 last night to tell him I was taking today off. I'm glad I did. I woke up with my eyes glued shut with yuckiness, my neck so stiff i couldn't turn it and my left ear throbbing. I loaded up on meds (benadryl, amoxycillan, mucinex, ibuprofen, and a prenatal vitamin) and am feeling a little better. My neck is more manageable, I can see (obviously), and I can breathe. My ear is the worst right now. But even with that good news, I want to cry because I'm so miserable.

But, thanks to Jenn, I get to stay home and rest. I'm currently watching tv - Inside the Actors Studio. Elton John is on. I love him. After this I think I'm going to watch Almost Famous or Moulin Rouge. I can't decide yet...then again, I could watch both. lol We'll see. But first, I must finish watching Elton John.


Casey's trio said...

I hope you are feeling better and sorry to hear about your rough day this week.

Stacey said...

thanks casey!