Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cycle 2 part 4

So tonight M is coming over to give us more of the goods. I took another OPK last night and it showed more positive than the last few days. I think this is because, looking back over the year, the pattern for this cycle is going to be 34 days, rather than 27 or 30. The OPKs up until yesterday were very light, but not completely negative. I kind of figured that the medications I've been taking for my sickness was affecting my urine. Apparently I was wrong. Thankfully I let Jenn convince me to take another OPK last night otherwise we'd be screwed for this cycle.

I think tonight's OPK is going to be super dark, indicating that I'll be ovulating within 24 hours. M will be here at 9pm, so hopefully that'll work out for us.

He and his BF are going to Nicaragua on Sunday for 2 weeks. So when they get back, we'll have an answer for them. Hopefully they'll bring us presents! LOL. j/k. I just hope I have good news for them when they get back.

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