Monday, August 11, 2008

i quit!

Work is seriously killing me. Even though he'll deny it, my boss is treating me unfairly. Ever since I told him I was going to leave the company when Jenn did, he's been a total jerk. He can't even be cordial.

Yesterday he and the other supervisor (who isn't my supervisor at all) ambushed me to do an audit on my store. They kept me late because they were working so slow. Normally I don't take a lunch on Sundays because it's only a 6 hour day. However, they kept me until almost 4:30, a half hour longer than I was supposed to work. Of course I claim it on my time card and make note that they were the reason there was no lunch for me for yesterday. Today I get an email from him that says that there was "food all over the desk" when they got there and had I not taken a lunch, I should have told them so I could have taken one. He then said that if I wasn't forced to work past 4pm and could have clocked out and gone home. One problem, had I done that, they would have been locked inside the building and I would have had to come downstairs to let them out on my own time. I don't think so, buddy!

I would really like to walk out right now. I've actually done that to 2 employers in the past. I have no qualms about doing it. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere to go (I work for a storage facility and live on-site). Fortunately, Jenn is going to be applying for a job and if she gets it, we'll be able to move fairly soon, and not have to wait until November when another job within the company is to open up.

I really wish I could learn to be quiet and not react to what my boss says or does. It's common knowledge that I'm leaving at some point. You'd think they would treat me with kid gloves so I don't go postal, but no. They're treating me like shit and hiding behind the facade of "well, we weren't following policy before, so you need to do things this way now." and making out all this shit I've been doing for 17 months wrong.

I've turned this facility into something truly profitable and all I get is a "good job" and a meager raise. But, ultimately, nothing they could pay me would make up for what I deal with on a day-to-day basis.

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