Friday, August 8, 2008

dun dun dunnnnn

So last night the deed was done. Jenn and I were hit with a fit of the sillies as we (she) did the insem. It was quite funny.

M's boyfriend came with him. Can you say awkward? He's an awkward kid anyway, was weird. They weren't in the room for the insem, though. I was going to let M be in there cuz it's his kid, too, but I think I had this freaked out look on my face so he left and let me and Jenn be alone. Anyway..M's boyfriend (also M, but I'll just refer to him as M's boyfriend to keep things less confusing) was there for moral support, I think. This whole having a baby thing was a big point of contention for them. They had a pretty big fight about it because M's boyfriend (OK, MB from now on) isn't ready to be a dad (he's only 24, M is 33). M told him he isn't going to be a parent if he doesn't want to be - he'll just be dating someone who has kids. I think they've got that all sorted out, so seeing MB was confirmation that he's being supportive of M and us having kids.

Anyway...we're going to do another insem tomorrow to be sure that we hit the ovulation cycle from all angles (we would have done it tonight, too, but Jenn and I have plans). Hopefully it'll be this one cycle and that's it...probably not, though. LOL. I mean, what are the chances that you get pregnant the first time you try? I don't have the greatest luck, so I will be utterly shocked if I end up preggo this time around.

So that's that. Think good fertility vibes for us!

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