Sunday, August 24, 2008


So I've added a bunch of people to my blog list (points to the right) that I've been meaning to read or haven't caught up on in a long time. For most of you on that list, I have already gone back and read your blogs from the very beginning. I've seen every post, every pic, and have, in some way or another, fallen in love with your family.

Admittedly, I do have favorites, but some are just so new that I don't "know" you guys yet.

Some of you might think it strange that I'm surrounding myself with multiple-baby blogs when I don't even have kids of my own yet. I think it's weird, too. Honestly, I'm fascinated with multiples (blame Jon & Kate plus 8, the Dilly's, and the McCaughey's, et al) and know that if you all can do it with 3, 4, 5 kids at a time, I can handle 1 (or 2...I'm convinced I will have twins even though they don't run in my family. LOL).

Plus, I have a feeling that getting pregnant wont' be easy for me, so I'm prematurely seeking comfort in the stories of others so I know that I'm not alone.

So I have to thank you all for opening your hearts and sharing your lives with me and so many other people. We sincerely appreciate it.

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