Saturday, January 10, 2009

TTC update

so it's been a while since i've updated about baby stuff. obviously nothing has happened since i last posted. we were hoping for a christmas miracle, but that wasn't to be. right now i'm in the middle of insem round #6. we did it last night, tonight, and will do it again sometime tomorrow. i got a true positive on the OPK this time, so hopefully we hit the nail on the head.

miguel did get us a new fertility monitor, too. we had trouble finding the test sticks (replacements), so we didn't use it this month. it's the Clear Blue Easy electronic tester. If this month doesn't go, we'll give it a try. we got it second hand from a friend of miguel's, so that saved us a bunch of money. but the tester sticks are gonna be $50 a month!! the OPK's we've been using now are like $1.50 a piece (there' simple paper test strips) that jenn ordered from a supplier in canada (they come labeled as cosmetics on the customs sticker. lol).

i've been really crampy today, so hopefully that means something in the ovulation world.

jenn and i are also starting to plan a baby shower for our friend riki. she's 18 weeks preggo with a little girl. she just found out the gender last week. did you know picking out non-hideous baby shower decorations is a lot more difficult than one might imagine? LOL

Anyway, think good thoughts for us this month. hopefully the 6th time's the charm.

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