Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coupon Clipping

Jenn and I started coupon clipping when we moved to Antioch. Since I'm not currently employed and will still be making a fraction of what I had been making even when I do get a job, we are cutting costs where we can.

Because of our issues with Comcast, we switched to AT&T and are saving $40 a month on phone/internet/cable. We got a Costco membership and are buying bread, meat, medications, and other things that don't have a short shelf life (read: no vegetables). Costco also has their own coupon book that we get in the mail, so we pick things off there that we can save even more money on. We are also clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper's ads.

We've also made it a habit (though we did it before, we are just more diligent now) to buy store brand items, buy one get one free (et. all), 2 for $x.

We went shopping yesterday and filled the cart with all kinds of things we need for a while and spent only $88. Everything we bought was on some kind of deal or had a coupon. Had everything been full price, it would have come closer to a $200 total. We definitely aren't sacrificing "fun" food in favor of this type of shopping either. We're still getting our normal foods...and then some that we didn't used to have. We're getting more veggies (frozen, though) because of the coupons., Jenn came across this blog about this lady who, last year, fed her family of 4 on $800 for the entire year. I'm intrigued, so I've bookmarked it and will be following it. I dont' think I'll have the same stamina this lady has for going through check out lines more than once or to make multiple shopping trips a week to use all of my coupons, but I'll definitely be inspired, I'm sure. LOL.

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