Saturday, January 17, 2009

Home stretch

This is the worst part of my ttc cycles...the last couple days before my cycle ends. Today is day my period could come as early as Monday and as late as Thursday. This week is going to suck with the waiting game. It's so hard not to want to break out the HPT each and everyday once day 30 comes. LOL. This cycle was VERY relaxed, too. I have not been tracking temperatures for 2 months. Last month I was just doing OPKs starting on day 10 and ending on day 20 (my hormones peaked on day 15, if I remember correctly). This month, I started OPKs on day 10, but due to one thing or another (schedules or tummy issues), I didn't test everyday. I managed to catch a very postive result on day 19, so we did the insem that night and the next. I'm hoping against hope that it worked. This is try #6, so hopefully it'll mean 3 times the charm times 2. lol.

In other news, I am making plans to go to Oregon and spend close to a month with my friend Riki. She's due on my birthday (May 30th) with her first baby. She lives alone and has no friends near by (though her mom and stepdad live about an hour away). I'll go up around the 25th and stay about 3 or 4 weeks with her. I'm so excited. It's going to be so much fun.

Anyway..think good baby thoughts this week for me!

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