Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If it's not one thing, it's another...

So we've been without a kitchen sink since Saturday evening. I thought it was my fault - putting something down the disposal that shouldn't have gone and it got stuck in the pipes after the disposal. When my dad came by and took the trap off, he found it to be empty, meaning there's a blockage farther up the line and it wasn't my fault. Jenn and I bought a small snake and some Drano to give that a go...didn't work as the drano never made it as far as the blockage. after draining the trap again and putting hot water to try to help disolve whatever was in the line, we went back out to Home Depot (2 of them, actually) and bought this contraption that uses CO2 cartridges to try to blast out the blockage and some other drain cleaner with lye in it. Those didn't work either. This morning, we finally got a plumber over here (we had to wait for approval from Jenn's boss) and he cleared the line after running the big mamma-jamma snake down the pipes (from the roof, of all places. LOL).

So just now I'm refilling my giant jug of water (I was making Raspberry Lemonade Iced Tea in my 2 liter water bottle) and as the water level got closer to the top, I see that the water is coming out slower and slower. I switched the faucet from the Brita filter to the regular side and the water stopped coming out. WTF?!?! The dishwasher was still going...so I go to the bathroom and try turning on the water there. Nope. Nothing. So I call Jenn and let her know so she can call East Bay MUD to find out what's going on. She went and checked with the neighbors (the little market that is in a building on our property, the dry cleaners across the street and the vet next door) to see if it's an isolated incident. The market hadn't noticed, so they didn't have any info, the dry cleaners were just fine, but the Vet's Office next door didn't have water either. As Jenn was walking back out, she noticed that farther past the Vet's Office, there's a fire hydrant flooding the street. A vet tech at the office called EBMUD and they're sending out the fire department to shut off the hydrant.

How fun. I finally get my kitchen back and the water goes out. LOL. Hopefully it'll be back soon.

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