Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Go Time!

So my friend R sent me some info to help me get pregnant. The info I had already read was a little different, but this one gave me more things to check and better information on OPK's. I only knew that I shouldn't use my morning pee for the OPK, but figured it'd be OK in the evening or night. WRONG! I'm supposed to use it late morning to early afternoon. I've also been watching for mucus. Well, I found it today when I peed at lunch, so I did the OPK and it showed positive!! Today's only day 15. There was no spike in my temp, either. In fact, I think it was a little lower than yesterday. Well, the OPK does show positive 24 hours before ovulation (although that website says otherwise, but today was the first day I found mucus), so maybe my temp will be higher tomorrow.

I'm excited. I'm very encouraged this time. I also think that if I do get pregnant tonight or tomorrow, my kid's first concert is going to be The New Kids on the Block. LOL. I'm seeing them Friday.

Anyway....wish me luck!!!!

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