Sunday, October 26, 2008

i'm a silly girl

so i'm working today, as i usually do on sundays, and a couple of guys come into the building, but only one comes into the office. he inquired about storage and didn't like my price, so he went back into the garage. he and his friends hang out for a few minutes and look at the sign in log for my customers. this raises a red flag for me because they're staring at it so intently. i try to pass it off as nothing, then they go outside and hang out in front of the garage. this continues to make me nervous because they are staring into the garage.

my customer, who had been sitting in a chair outside the office, comes in and comments that those guys seemed kind of shady - like they were up to something. i agreed. i peeked outside and they were gone. a couple more minutes pass and one guy is back out front staring in the garage again. i decided to call the police.

i dialed the non-emergency line and described 2 of the men to her and that they were making me very nervous. she put out a call to have someone come by. i expected just one officer because it's just a "suspicious" call. a minute later, there are 6 cops in my garage. i told them what had happened with this guy, just like i did to the dispatcher. one officer says someone mentioned rape. i was shocked. i have no idea where that came from. that's why there were so many cops that showed up. i told them "no, no, no, no, not at all. i was just nervous because i'm here alone and they're staring into my garage and i don't know if they're staking me out or one of my customers." they said "ok, we'll keep an eye out for these guys." i thanked them and they hung out at their vehicles for a moment, seeing if this guy was coming back or not.

a few minutes later, the cops left, then one of the guys comes back and is outside again. i get up the courage (because jose, my maintenance guy, happened to come by) to poke my head out of the garage and ask if he was looking for something or someone. he was waiting for one of my other customers. i told him he had been making me nervous because he was staring into the garage. he apologized for having scared me in any way, he meant no harm. he introduced himself and shook my hand. i felt like such a nervous nelly. lol. i should have just asked up front instead of calling the cops, but this guy had guns all over his shirt and had given me a bad vibe from the start, so i don't feel entirely bad - i mean, i'm alone here, so i have to protect myself.

i called back the police and told them to cancel the call so the cops aren't still looking for this guy.

but, man, where did the dispatcher get rape from? lol. that was weird!

i'm still all jittery from the adrenaline, though. lol. i need a drink!

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