Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i'm awake!

so staying here by myself is turning out to be not so much fun.

i got in the bath at about 9:15 and was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. i'm close to the end, so i stayed in the bath for quite a while. when i'm here by myself i always think i hear things in the building (day or night), and tonight was no different. i thought i heard someone in the building, but kind of passed it off as nothing, figuring i was just freaking myself out.

then at 11:35, i thought i heard the panic alarm sound (it's a very loud siren with a voice saying "burgler! burgler!" and other stuff. i bounded out of the tub (i honestly have no idea how i got out) an threw open the bathroom door. i stopped dead in my tracks with 2 cats at my feet and listened hard. silence. the alarm wasn't sounding.

it was my imagination.

i hate that about myself! i am always fearing the worst and making shit up in my head. and now i'm wide awake, adrenaline still quickly pulsing through my veins. i almost threw up with some of the let down, so i had to sit down and have a smoke and share my story.

ugh! ok. i'm gonna go back to reading my book - in bed this time - until i pass out from exhaustion.

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