Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I now own more black clothing than I have in the last 5 years combined. LOL. I lived in black clothing in my early 20's, then hit 25 and discovered a love of pink. This love phased out my dark & disturbed clothing, so up until today, I owned 2 pairs of black shorts (one was a "work" pair) and about 4 tops (not including tank tops). Even my shoes have been colorful - only 2 pairs of black shoes (one actually has a white skull pattern on it). Today I purchased a black polo (@ Target), a pair of black capris (Dickies from Ross...I saw the exact same pair at Gottschalks for 3 times the price!!), a pair of black "short pants" (they're super floods. LOL. you could also call them long capris...they come to about 2 inches above my ankle), and 2 pairs of flats from Payless (they're doing a BOGO 1/2 off) - one is all black, the other are black with white polka dots.

I just washed all my laundry (I always lack in that department and end up doing 3 large loads on one day) and all that new black stuff, with shirts i already have, I was amazed by how many items I now own that are black. LOL.

But black's slimming, so it's all good! Plus I can wear all this stuff outside of work, too, so I feel much better about my purchases. I spent about $80, but saved probably $60 by taking advantage of sales (Payless) and using discount stores (Target and Ross).

Now I'm ready to start working. LOL.

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