Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Opening Day at AT&T Park

So last week my dad called and asked if I was busy on Tuesday, the 7th. I told him of course I wasn't, I don't work. LOL. So he invited me to the Giants season opener. Through a series schedule changes between him and a couple of coworkers, he got the 7th off without even really knowing it was Opening Day. When he realized it, my mom got him tickets for the game (She works for Levi Strauss and can get tickets for free because they have a section of seating just for employees - it's directly above right field...conveniently called Levi's Landing.).

There were 6 tickets, so my dad also invited his best friend Carl (whom he's known longer than I've been alive), another friend named John that he's known for about 7 or 8 years, and my brother. We ended up having an extra ticket, but we kept it so we had some extra room (the seating in the Landing is benches, not regular seats, so we got some extra butt room...turns out it was very needed. lol.)

So my I met my dad at his house in Concord at 9:30, then we hopped on BART to get downtown. Once downtown, we walked through a little bit of rain towards the stadium. We stopped at the Gordon Biersch brewery for a morning snack and a couple of beers. LOL. It was just after 11am. lol.


We got to the stadium just after 12pm and met up with Carl, then hung out waiting for John. My brother had his ticket already, so we'd meet him inside.

This was our view:

Since it had been raining, they coverd up the infield with a tarp to preserve it. At the begining of the game, some of us were worried that we'd end up with a rain delay or a cancellation because of the rain. Aside from a light drizzle for 5 minutes after we entered the stadium, the rain stopped for the day.


Taylor Hicks was on hand to sing the National Anthem. He's in town doing Grease, so I guess the Giants figured they'd just borrow him for the morning. LOL. A giant flag was also pulled across the entire field by volunteers:


Captain "Sully" Sullenberger was also at the game to throw out the first pitch. He's a local (lives in Danville), so I thought that was way cool that they asked him to come out. You'd think he'd have been invited to do the Yankee's game. LOL.

Then the players came out...I could practically touch Randy Winn in right field. Well, not quite since I was like 3 stories up, but it was pretty cool!


I snuck a picture of the boys because I didn't figure they'd be up for a photo shoot. LOL.

From the far end, to the front is my dad, John, Carl, and Mike (my brother).

And, of course, the obligatory self portrait. lol

That was already after 3 beers and a foot-long bratwurst. I *heart* stadium food. LOL.

The game was pretty cool. It was kind of a roller coaster in pace. The first inning was exciting and flew by...the next couple were slow as hell...then things picked up again as more runs were scored..then it slowed down, then the last inning picked up again.

This was the first game I've attended in a long time where the Giants actually won. LOL. I'd convinced myself that I was bad luck for the team. But the Giants spanked the Brewers - 10 to 6. Not too shabby. LOL.

After the game, everyone went their separate ways, Mike, Dad and I hopped in a cab to get to my brother's work to pick up his car and head home. My brother drives like a cabbie, but scares me more than a real cabbie. LOL. I hate the way he drives. Most people aren't agressive enough and he's TOO agressive. LOL. Anyway, we got back to their house and my mom had dinner ready for us - Soy sauce and garlic marinated salmon with rice and broccoli. One of my favorite meals. SOOOO yummy!!!

Then I came home and watched American Idol....I fell in love with Adam Lambert just a little bit more. Yes, I realize he's gay. I don't care. LOL.

If you read the whole post...thanks! I'm not usually this verbose, but I had an awesome time and wanted to share.


Jenn said...

That was already after 3 beers and a foot-long bratwurst

Lol I read that as " that was after a 3 foot long bratwurst". I was like HOLY CRAP thats a lot of bratwurst! lol

Lani said...

Looks like you had a blast! I'm jealous!!