Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She works hard for the money!

So i got a call about an hour or so ago from my supervisor at work. I was asked to come in on Thursday from 10 - 12 for orientation to "graduate" to floor sales. Whee! This means way more hours and working with customers! I'll still be doing the floor sets, but I'll have addition hours with the daytime crew. I am so excited. This will make things so much easier for us...even if it's just a few hours a week, that little bit of extra money will be a huge help.

I will have to go immediately after my orientation to Torrid (just across the hall) and buy black clothing. That's our uniform at Bath & Body Works. Thankfully, it's pretty lax other than that. I can wear shorts (but not too short), capris, button ups, non-button ups, polos, etc, and as far as shoes go, i really don't think it matters. lol. but i think those have to be black, too. The store manager was wearing flip flops one day. I can't wear those all day, so I'll stick with my converse and ballet flats, thankyouverymuch! ;o)

This extra money is going to be so helpful when I take my trip to see Riki in June, and the week we're with Jenn's family (also in Oregon in June).

Anyway...just needed to share my good news!

Oh...p.s...no news on the baby front yet. I'm doing my very best to be patient! LOL. Today's day 31, so it's not much longer now.

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