Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yay Vacation!

Today has been the first real day of internet usage since we got home from Oregon on Sunday evening. We arrived to a broken A/C unit, so sitting in front of the computer hasn't been a top priority because of the heat. Sunday's temps were at about 105*, yesterday was around 95*, and today is only about 80*, so it's much more tolerable to be here, catching up on all I've missed over the last 12 days. The A/C isn't fixed yet, but hopefully should be today, but thanks to ceiling fans and living in a wind tunnel, things haven't been too horrible.

Anyway...my vacation was fantastic!! Of course, the first 2 weeks of my vacation was spent with Riki in Medford, OR, helping out and keeping her company (and from losing her mind) while adjusting to motherhood. I *heart* babies and it was really difficult to leave, but the coast and the beach were calling, so off Jenn and I went last Sunday.

I swear, I had more seafood last week than I've had in the last year. We had salmon, crab, and muscles that had all been caught (or picked) by the family. I've never had such fresh seafood. Scallops, oysters, and clams were also had, but purchased from the store. lol. There was also shrimp, but I didn't eat any of that - I didn't want to risk swelling like a balloon.

Jenn's family is really fun and hilarious. I'm so glad I got to go. It was kinda weird being in the middle of the pack in the generations. Jenn's aunts and uncles ranged from 10 - 20 years older than us, and her cousins mainly ranged 10 - 20 years younger. LOL. There was one cousin and her husband and sister who were only 6 - 8 years younger, but still. LOL. We all still had a good time, though.

Most of our nights consisted of hanging out at the Beach House (between all the family, we were in 4 houses for 28 people) playing spoons, drinking, and talking. Did you know it's actually possible to get stabbed with a spoon? Yeah. I have evidence!! Jenn's cousin's husband was a little over zealous and got me pretty good on the hand. LOL.

We also had 2 really good days of sun and those were spent on the beach. I got a really good tan and am almost rid of my nasty tan lines on my shoulders (I have a tube-top style bathing suit) and even got some color on my legs! That never happens!! Getting to and from the beach was a real bitch, though. From the Beach House to the actual beach was a cliff with 45 steep steps down. I named them the stairs of death. LOL.

It was really nice to be away from the internets - although that really backfired when people started dying and I needed information - but now there's tons to catch up on. lol. I'm going to continue doing that.

I'll have pictures up as soon as I can.

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