Monday, June 1, 2009

The Weekend Review

My birthday weekend went pretty well, I have to say. ;o)

Friday night, after Jenn got off work, we headed up the street to the Contra Costa County fair. I forgot my phone at home, so I wasn't able to Twitter about all the awesome trashiness we witnessed. LOL. First, not 2 minutes after we walked in, we saw Jenn's ex who now looks super scary (too much sun, gained weight, had a front tooth rot out of her head, probably is doing drugs now). She came up to us and said hi and acted as though there hasn't been a year since we've spoken. Weird. There was also the hugest police presence I've ever seen anywhere in my life. Seriously - you couldn't walk more than 40 or 50 feet without seeing a group of 3 or more Antioch cops or county Sheriffs. It was weird. For dinner, we had foot-long corndogs. They were so freakin obscene, but damn tasty. There were only 2 beer booths, too! Ghetto! OH!!! And they had a shark display - a 10x30 foot tank with 3 sharks in it. It was really quite sad, to be honest. There was also a live Giant Snake booth and a live Monkey booth, both of which you had to pay $1 to get in and see what they were hiding. I chose not to encourage either of those things. There was the usual fair stuff, though - the Midway games, ferris wheels, and other rides, the livestock, the craft rooms (where we saw some AMAZING quilts!! I'm gonna have to start one now and get myself entered for next year!! lol), and the live band. The band was a general rock cover band who had a second singer that was a Tom Petty impersonator. Ooh! And we got a funnel cake! I definitely got my $8 admission's worth of entertainment at the fair.

Saturday was my actual birthday. I tried to sleep in, but was up at 9am anyway. LOL. I laid around and fell back asleep until a little past 11am. I just hung out on the computer and waited for Jenn to get off work at 4. I did wake up with a migraine, so I worried that I was going to implode. Once that passed (it was completely gone around 3pm), I got up and started getting ready to go out. When Jenn was off work, she changed and we headed out to The Outback Steakhouse for dinner. I got my usual Ribeye (medium rare!!) with the mushroom & lobster sauce. I ate my fill, then took the other half home to have for lunch (which I did today. LOL). Once we got home, we laid around for a bit, letting ourselves digest and preparing to head out of the house. LOL. Once it was late enough, we headed out to Pleasant Hill BART to pick up who was coming in for the weekend, then got to Shauna & Cole's house to grab everyone and head to Masse's (a pool hall/bar). Of course there was much drinking, a bit of food, and some pool playing. We had a good time. Everyone laughed and carried on. Cole invited his now former boss to come hang out with us as Travis had just been let go from his job and could use an excuse to hang out and party. We shut the bar down. LOL. Travis drove us all home (in 2 shifts), where we hung out and were up until about 4am. Surprisingly, I didn't wake up with a hangover, but I did remember that at some point during the night (at the bar, not at home), I humped Angel's leg. LOL. Oops. ;o)

So Sunday was pretty lazy. Jenn was kind of ambitious and ran out for donuts before everyone else was up. At around 2, we finally got our acts together and the 5 of us (me, jenn, shauna, cole, and angel) headed out for club sandwiches and a beer at the bar around the corner (which were disappointing!), then went to get frozen yogurt. Yumm!! After that, it was pretty much time to get Angel back to Amtrak so he could get back home, and so I could get home to change so I could get to work. Work ran late last night as we had to change the ENTIRE store, plus a couple people had to leave early and there were a couple no-shows. I didn't get out of there until about 1:45am. But it was a fun atmosphere, so it didn't really seem like we were there that long.

I had a really great birthday weekend. It definitely wasn't what I had planned out a month or more ago, but I'm happy with the way things turned out. Sometimes smaller is better!

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes!! So far my 30's are awesome. Hopefully they will continue to be that way. LOL.

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