Sunday, October 3, 2010

A soldier's coming home

I just had to share this...

On my way home from work today, high on the SF Giants win over the SD Padres and listening to the game review on KNBR 680, I saw oe of those open-backed Army Jeeps driving along. In the back, facing me (behind them, but one lane to the left) were 5 armed soldiers. I noticed the tiny turn signal blinking and slowed to allow room for the Jeep to move over once the car ahead of me pulled away. When the space was big enough, I pointed to the left, signalling to the Jeep driver that he could pull into my lane. Once they got over, all 5 guys in the back of the Jeep waved at me in thanks. It was really kind of awesome.

When I first saw that Jeep, I was really kind of scared. I was thinking "What did I miss while listening to the baseball game?!?!?!" I have no idea, still, what it was or why they were driving around armed and in full fatigues, but I was glad I was paying attention and let those boys through. They made the rest of my day. =o)

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