Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home is where the heart is

and currently my heart resides in Concord. In my mom's craft room.

Technically I am homeless as I do not have a permanent address. Thankfully my parents are freakin awesome and are taking me in for a month until I start work at my new store.

Yes, I said new store! I got promoted and will be the resident Property Manager down in Palo Alto. Know who my neighbors are? Stanford and NASA!! Both are within about 5 miles from my store. When I'm down there, I feel my IQ getting higher. LOL. I told my dad that I'm going to hang out in libraries and meet someone smart. LOL

Currently all my stuff resides in a 10x20 storage unit at my new facility. It's weird to think my entire life is packed in boxes and is sitting in, essentially, a garage. I officially take that store in about a month. I'm staying with my current district and store until my DM hires and trains someone new. The sooner the better! LOL. But for now, I'll be sleeping on an air mattress in my mom's craft room and eating homemade food and saving a bunch of money on gas.

For those wondering why I had to move in with my parents this month - Jenn got her other job. She gave me notice last Wednesday and Saturday was the ONLY day I could move before her last day which is this coming Friday. It wasn't very much notice, but oh well, things worked out since I got my new job offer the same day. Plus my mom's been wanting me to hang around more often and now she doesn't have a choice! LOL.

I spent last Thursday and Friday packing, setting up my storage unit, and moving (moving with my dad's help. He's the bomb!!). I'm so freakin exhausted, it's ridiculous (STILL! 3 days later! lol). I do have to go back to the old apartment and clean up a few last things. That'll get done on Thursday, when I have a day off again.

Anyway..that's the newest from me! Hopefully I don't kill my mother at any point over the next month. LOL.

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