Thursday, February 4, 2010

Interviews suck, but I rocked this one.

At 1pm today, I had a phone interview with the Director of Operations for a storage company in Las Vegas. It went extremely well. I really asserted myself and showcased my skills as a manager in order to get a resident manager position with the company instead of just a relief manager position. The DOO really liked me and is going to see what he can do to put me directly into a store. Luckily 2 resident managers just gave notice to quit, so that helps me greatly.

I think this was one of the best interviews I've ever had. Having it over the phone (and being dressed in pajamas) was awesome because there was no intimidation factor. I was able to get out what I needed to say and not get flustered.

I'm not too jazzed about the hourly pay rate, but there does seem to be a great bonus program that will help off-set it.

Worst case scenario, if I can't get directly into a store right away, I may accept a relief position on a short term basis (a month or 2 tops) before moving into a resident manager position. If that's the case, I'm begging my friend Joyce to live with her until I get my place. :::doe eyes::: Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

Best case scenario, I get in there at the beginning of March and get a resident manager position right away and don't have to put anyone out.

I do still need to get a car and since I'd have to pay to move myself there (they don't pay to relocate), I'll only have about $500 to spend (moving is going to cost about $500). I'll probably have to ask my dad for some money, but I'll be able to pay him back with my first couple of paychecks.

In any case, it really looks like I'll be a Las Vegas resident by April. Yay! =o)

Cross your fingers for me!!

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Fingers are crossed!