Monday, February 1, 2010


So here's what's going on with me:

I have 2 months to find a new place to live. Jenn informed me last Sunday that she's going to be quitting her job and moving in with Shauna and Cole in April (when their current lease is up). This leaves me homeless.

I'm currently trying to find another storage job, but I haven't heard anything yet. I think I sent out 8 - 10 resumes last week to jobs here in CA (as far south as San Diego), Oregon, Nevada (Vegas), and Washington state. I don't even have a car right now and that's going to hinder my job search.

If I don't find something before April 1st, I'm going to have to put my stuff in storage and sleep on my parents couch until I figure out what I can do. At least my boss is doing her best to help keep me in a job no matter what happens. Tomorrow I interview with a manager at a different store so I can move into a permanent Customer Sales Lead position somewhere within the company. At least this way, even if I have to move in with my parents, I can still have some kind of income.

I'm still worried, though. I know I have 2 months, but this first week has already gone by so quickly. I probably wouldn't be as worried if I didn't have my cats to take care of. I can't give them up. I refuse. They are my life and I can't imagine giving them away. I've had Bubba since he was about 3 weeks old. I've only had Peanut for 3 years, but she's already gone through several homes and she's just the sweetest little cat and I can't imagine rehoming her again.

I'm even willing to relocate to another state to find a job! I don't want that to happen, really, but I have to go where the jobs are.

I got my W2 today and Jenn did a rough draft of my taxes. It looks like I'm getting about $1000 total back and that's pretty much all going to go to buying me a car. It's not going to be a pretty car, but it'll be a car that'll get me from Point A to Point B. It's just going to be something so I can say that I have reliable transportation.

I wish I had an "in" somewhere. Unfortunately I don't really know anyone in the storage business anymore.

Ugh! This sucks! I've started smoking again because of the stress. Not very much, but I'm still smoking.

I don't hold any animosity towards Jenn at all. I was working towards this anyway, but now I've got a very short deadline to work with. The only thing that makes me mad is that she knew about this plan for 3 weeks before she told me. Those 3 weeks could have been critical for me. Then again, maybe they're not. Perhaps those 3 weeks won't matter in the long run. I'm just freaking out.

Anyway...this is what's going on with me. If anyone wants to adopt me and my 2 orange kitties, please let me know! We're all housebroken!

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Helene said...

I'm so sorry...what a bummer! It does suck that Jen could've let you know 3 weeks ago about this change...21 days is a lot of time!

I do hope you're able to find something soon so you can get back on track again. I have been in that situation before too, where you feel completely discombobulated...hopefully everything will fall into place nicely!