Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gay Days @ Disneyland

We had so much fun this weekend!! The drive down and back wasn't too horrible, considering we took my dad's truck and couldn't drive faster than 65. Both days, Jenn and I were up at at the park by 8:30am and didn't leave until past 10pm. The park was open until midnight both nights, but we just couldn't make it that far.

Best discovery ever: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the dark. It's so awesome!!

Since we were with friends, I was able to finally ride Tower of Terror at CA Adventure. That scared the poop out of me, but I'm so doing it again when we go. LOL. Hell, I'll go by myself if I have to!!

Being at the park surrounded by so many other gay people was just so awesome. Watching the "straights" try to figure out why so many people were wearing red was awesome. LOL. Confusion, then recognition, then more confusion. The best part was when we came across a group of 100 bears (big, hairy gay men) at Small World. People were dumbfounded at all these giant men in red. Awesomeness!

I can't wait to go again. I think we'll definitely go back for another Gay Day. Next time, we're all making matching shirts!

I love hanging out with my boys Jimmy & Miguel and this weekend was an absolute blast with them. They are just so funny and so awesome.

I can't really put much else into words, so I'm just gonna link to my pics on Facebook. Enjoy!

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