Monday, December 8, 2008

Stupid comcast!!

So I am still without service at the new place. Comcast cant't get their act together and hook my place up properly. I placed my transfer request 3 weeks ago, my appointment was 2 weeks ago and now I'm looking at another week until I get service. I gave Comcast a deadline of Friday to get my cable installed and be 100% up and running or I am switching to AT&T's Dishnet service. I am so disconnected from the world. I have no idea what's going on anywhere or with anything or with anyone. For all I know, the world may be coming to and end and I have no clue. lol

I like not having to work. I like sleeping in everyday and not getting out of my pajamas if I don't want to. I like having the time to cook real food for dinner. I like having time to read. But I am tired of all my DVDs. I'm tired of my same old books. I'm tired of not knowing how my internet friends are doing. I'm tired of not being able to read the newspaper online. I'm tired of not being able to read

Not having this one extra bill for now is nice, but i need TV variety. I also missed a ton of my show episodes, including 2 finales (Dancing with the Stars and Amazing Race).

Anyway, I could go on, but I'll spare you. ;-) I hope you are all doing well.

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ComcastCares1 said...

I am sorry for the delay.

I work for Comcast. If you are willing to send the phone number associated with the account, I will be happy to assist.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

loren said...

I've been without cable for YEARS and while it sucks during the day, I usually get to watch some decent shows at night! How many times can a person watch infomercials and NOT buy the product?