Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So Jenn and I have moved. We ran a truck load of boxes each of the last 2 Sundays, then this Monday we had help with the furniture and getting boxes up into the apartment and in the garage (a 2 car garage!!). We are over half way unpacked already. There's new furniture (book cases, tv stand, coffee table, etc) we need to buy but we have already spent $800 on new curtains, couch covers, a deep freezer, and food at Costco. With me out of a job, from this point forward, spending is limited.

We are so in love with this new place. It's 2b/2ba, has 2 patios (1 is about 8x8, the other is about 8x20) - the smaller of the 2 is in the front facing the street. The kitchen is nice and has new appliances (less than 5 years old), the tan carpet is relatively new, the ceilings are vaulted, there is a separate dining area (though we are setting it up as a reading nook), central air! lol

This is the nicest apartment we have lived in; and with the curtains we purchased, it feels like a home. Jenn has never had curtains, and I havent had them since I was 15. They make the place a lot more homey.

Things are going smoothly with the unpacking, but my only source of entertanment is our DVD collection. The cable company is having issues getting things connected, so it'll be at least another week until we have cable, internet, and phone service. So if anything important happens, send me an email - I'll get it on my phone. ;-)

When I have the rest of the boxes unpacked, I will post a pic or two of the place.

Have a good Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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