Thursday, April 24, 2008

i must confess

this isn't just another blog i decided to start. i figured i should sign up so that when i go to people's blogs, they know kind of who i am and not think that i'm some weirdo stalker.

it all started with the McNulty Quads - i found them via where they were featured on a blog called "the poop". they actually won the photo with santa contest. from there, i found more and more and more multiples blogs. i think i'm up to about 15 blogs that i'm trying to keep up with and just found a blog that has even more links to it that i've not seen before.

you can blame this all on jon & kate plus 8. lol. i'm fascinated with multiples. of course i'm also nosey as hell and reading blogs just feeds that need to know! haha.

so please don't think i'm a weirdo or stranger. i'm just fascinated and want to know how you people do it. lol.

i'm not a mom yet, but hopefully it'll happen soon.

thanks for stopping by!

p.s. i will try to remember to update this so you can get to know me, too. ;o) i won't make this a one sided friendship. haha

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