Friday, April 25, 2008

home alone on a friday night..

jenn's (the gf) off for the weekend to spend it with a couple friends in concord. so that leaves me home alone. muahahahaha. lol. i don't really have any plans for much. tomorrow is full of errand running (i'm not working tomorrow) - pay my dad for car parts (one of his coworkers did the brakes on jenn's car), run to home depot for some work stuff, target for some personal stuff, then to lush for a couple of bath bombs to tide me over until i get paid again. seriously - if you're a bath person, you NEED some of these bath bombs. so delish!!

anyway...tonight i'm at home, having a yummy salad, surfing the net and having a harry potter night. prizoner of azkaban, then goblet of fire, and finally the order of the phoenix. oh, and i musn't forget the alcohol. i was hoping to have wine, but jenn snagged it to give to her friends as a housewarming present. instead, i'm having disaronno and coke sprite. it's quite yummy. there's no more disaronno, but there is vodka!! =o)

anyway...hope you all have a fab friday night!

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