Thursday, December 24, 2009

Worst Christmas Eve Ever

I am seriously sitting here in tears because I've had such a sucky day and night.

A manager that I work with have never gotten along and she really pissed me off tonight. She's the most condescending person I've ever known, not to mention one of the laziest people I've ever worked with and today was no exception. I wanted to slap her.

I was already on edge because I'm having to spend the night alone. I've never been alone for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning before. Ever. In my entire life. I was already depressed about that, but I guess it's part of growing up, right? Realizing that you're not as important as you think you are to people. Sure, I could have slept on my parents couch, but which is more lame - being alone at home or sleeping on your mom's couch? Honestly, I chose quiet depression over the alternative that may have been better for my mental state.

And then, a present I was given by another coworker went missing. I'm 99% sure I know who took it, but what am I to do? I just let it go. There was a spare that this coworker had gotten (she counted an extra person by mistake), so I took the extra. They were all the same thing, so it's not like it was something I'm missing by taking the extra gift, but the fact is that mine and the spare were in 2 separate places and should never have been mixed up, for one. Secondly, the person I'm sure took it had a gift of her own, so why would she take that plus the extra?? That's just being greedy and rude.

I seriously feel like people have been out to break me for some time. They've finally succeeded, so congratulations to them.

Now do you see why I hate people?

Dear God,
Make me a bird
so I can fly far
far far away from here.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there at work. Romans 12:17-20.

Hang in there at home: If you flew away you would still have to think about what is in store for the future. Plus there ARE people in your life that would miss you.

Try reading Proverbs in the Bible (NIV is easy to understand) in the month of January. Read one chapter a day. This can be very up-lifting.

Remember: God made you and God does not make junk.