Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Just got my Halloween photos posted to Facebook. Click on the pic to see the rest.

Halloween was fun. There was a little drama before the party started because I was tired and apparently annoyed people with my attitude, but whatever. (I'd been up since 4:30am because I had to work that morning and was only able to take a 30 minute nap before finishing up party prep.) But once I segregated myself from everyone and got myself ready for the party, things seemed to be smoothed over and/or forgotten.

For a minute we thought only 2 people were going to show up, but, in the end, 5 showed up. It was the perfect number for our house.

I crashed out at about 1:30am (after the time change) because I was so exhausted, but I must say that I was quite the trooper to last that long. LOL. I'll at least pat myself on the back if no one else will. haha

Anyway..hope you all had great Halloweens as well!

And now we move onto Christmas time!! My work is already decked out in Christmas trees and paper chains. Christmas music, too!! It's such a happy time. ;o) Oh! And I got my first Eggnog Latte of the season. It was oh so tasty!


Helene said...

Sounds like you threw a fantastic Halloween party!!

I can't believe it's already November...Christmas is definitely on the horizon!

Stacey said...

I know! It's crazy! My work is already decked out in Christmas trees and music. I love it, though, because I love Christmas. It makes me happy. LOL.