Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Your Neighborhood Storage Expert

So I got a job with P.ubli.c S.torag.e. Not the one I wanted, but I got in. I'll be a "Relief Manager", which is an assistant manager for the district. I'll work where I'm needed until there's a store opening. It's a foot in the door that I'm glad to have.

For the time being, I'll still keep my job with Bath & Body Works and work both part time (the PS job will be at minimum 4 days, hopefully 5), and continue to live on Jenn's storage property.

I did meet someone and went on a couple of dates. So far it's gone well. At the moment, I'm doing the usual freak out after getting a bit intimate, but he's being understanding and I'm doing my best to control the freak out. Normally I start nit-picking and let everything annoy me, but I'm working on it. He's a really good guy and someone definitely worthy of me....at least that I've seen so far. LOL. Time will tell. ;o) But I don't think that there's anything that we've disagreed upon so far. That's really nice. LOL. I'll keep you updated. ;o)


Helene said...

Well, it looks like things have turned around for the best and I couldn't be happier for you!

I totally did the whole freak out/nit pick thing too when I would begin dating someone. Just let nature take its course and see how things turn out....who knows...it could be yet another fresh start of something wonderful!

I always enjoy seeing comments from you on my blog! And it's nice to read an update on yours!

Stacey said...

Thanks Helene! I'm really hoping this is all the real deal coming together for me. I'm tired of leading a mediocre life. LOL.

I always read your blog, I'm just a horrible commenter. LOL I need to be better so people know I'm around. ;o)